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Guided Tours / Support Plan


Let's make your dream comes true!

We have guided tours around Sapporo city and also if you are after a support vehicle, we have various plans for both.


Cycling on the paved road with hybrid bikes around Sapporo city is
the best way to explore the city.
We have varieties of trips according to your fitness and most of our 
tours are private tours so that your can ride at your own pace.
You can take your time to rest, drink, eat, take photos and share adventures.
No need to worry about keeping up with the group.


We have three plans for guided tours.

  • Support vehicle + riding guide

  • Only support vehicle 

  • Only riding guide

Please contact us for more details.


Please bring your ID. (Passport, driving license and etc.)


Please bring your ID. (Passport, driving license and etc.)


Please see this page and any questions you can ask from here.


We will you send you the invoice for the deposit which is the 10% of the total price.  The deposit will be applied to the rent price or cancellation charges.  The balance must be paid by 14 days prior to departure. The tour contract will become valid when Spark Cycling receive the booking form and the deposit. 



Days prior to departure / Cancellation Charge

21 days + / Full amount of your deposit

8-20 days / 20% of tour price

2-7 days / 30% of tour price

1 day / 40% of tour price

Departure day / 100% of tour price

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